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Our Mission

Our goal here at Spinach is to change the face of revision…forever! The DuoLingo of any Subject. If you want to revise any Subject, through multiple choice questions, on a gamified platform, without a pen or paper, anywhere and in the world, then our app is perfect for you. Revise your own content, or become part of a community sharing their content with the world.

How does our App Work?

How much can I charge as a Host?

The Host can decide how much to charge a customer and the price can be set in the Host’s login profile.


How many questions can a Host upload?

There is no limit to the under of questions that can be uploaded by a Host. However, each Lesson has a maximum number of 20 questions.

App ScreenShots

Take a look at our application in action. Simple intuative design. Perfect for learning any subject.